Packing for A Day Trip!

*UPDATE: I finished writing this post after¬† I came back from Belgium Hey guys, I'll be going to Belgium tomorrow (*high pitched squeal* I CAN'T WAIT) and I LOVE packing for day trips. Yet I always get stressed out, thinking that I'm bound to forget something, or regret not taking something. I end up googling … Continue reading Packing for A Day Trip!



Hey guys, I know, I know, I know. 30 day blogging challenge? You didn't even reach 10! And basically I really don't have an excuse for that. To be honest, it really wasn't a "blogging challenge" anyway, as I didn't follow any guidelines at all on what to blog, it was kind of just to … Continue reading UPDATE:

30DBC: Day 5 Genuine Compliments

I'm just going to get right into this. If we all took the effort to be just a little kinder than necessary the world would be a better place. Getting genuine compliments is just, the best feeling. My idea of a genuine compliment is kind of going the extra mile. Not just saying a compliment … Continue reading 30DBC: Day 5 Genuine Compliments